lauantai 2. kesäkuuta 2012

For this summer I need...

... a vintage style swimwear!

Images are from weheartit.

As a shortie, pocket venus, It´s hard to find a nice swimwear that also looks nice and feels good. Also, as a vintage fashion lover and mostly using vintage style clothing I woud love to continue this also when swimming/sunbathing. Of course there´s been some of that style even in Ellos, Lindex and Kappahl but everytime I notice this or go to try them on, my size is gone. Lucky girl, eh? Because of that I have tried to find a nice one from internet: has been a good place for real vintage, brilliant looking swimwear, but you never can know how they fit on you. I have tried some old swimsuits on at 2ndhand stores and they have not fitted. My back isn´t long enough.

As many others before me, I have also found this wonderful For Luna. store. These are just what I am looking for, but as now without job my cash situation is quite tricky. But they are so lovely!

Lovely cherries and oh, that green!

Also Modcloth sells fabulous repro swimwear by Esther Williams She if someone knows comfy yet stylish swimwear, as a star of Hollywood aquamusicals back in 40/50s, swimming in pool performing synchronized swimming and diving.

Also Pin Up clothing have some nice swimsuits, but about fitting I don´t know that much.


All these are kind of same price range.
Well, girl can dream...


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