tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

Copenhagen october 2011 part2.

Second day was all about getting to know each others, finding our connections from the croup and shaking away all uneasiness between us, as we knew that we´ll be playing/acting people who lived together a long time. There were many person I knew already, but tons of new faces. Again middle of all this I found myself be very Finn. It was hard to get so relaxed quickly to be able to be close to a stranger. Luckily feeling passed and after whole day I was feeling nothing but happiness.

Again, can´t show almost nothing but hey, here I got some dotts. That´s my rate!

Day was sunny and chilly -we had a blast and it was beautiful. My friend Elin looked dashing while smoking in windy evening light.

Workshops continued quite late, but after we went to have a supper and relaxed while having couple beers.

My roommate had a huuuuuge pile of makeup with her. We made our other roomies mad while chatting about lipsticks for like couple hours. She had few Limecrime lipsticks with her so I had to try them on, as I´ve been a fangirl a long time, but could not order/buy any (buhuu, poor student). Texture and colors were amazing! I was in love immediately!!! Airborne Unicorn is something I need to get for myself!

And again more to come...


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