keskiviikko 21. joulukuuta 2011

Copenhagen october 2011 part3.

Then, It was on. Couple days of dramatic, stunning, deep and intense live-roleplaying with new forms connecting it with TV drama. During those days my character had tons of adventures in old abandoned factory, drank tons of booze, made art and fell in love and was shy as hell. It was fun to be so socially awkward and clumsy.

Me as Lore, I mean...

When this part of the project ended I was full of sparks. I felt so loved and same time so damn sad, as whole dramatic line wasn´t sweet for my poor character. It took couple of days to get that bad feeling away from myself. Luckily we did more workshops where we unconnected us from our characters.

Poor baby, cried her eyes off! Factory was cool -I had fun to walking around of it during and after our "working" hours.

Later we just gathered together -had food, beers, hugs and relaxed chatting.

And loooong sleep.

More, soon!


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