keskiviikko 21. joulukuuta 2011

Copenhagen october 2011 part5.

Yes, we had free time also. I saw Copenhagen from tourist view, but when I did, I kept my camera away. I had lovely evening with boys, out walking around, visiting Christianstad, chilling in Roleplay Factory etc.
Last evening when whole Thing was done we went out together to party. Still, best thing during that day was one lad from our group who had acted very strange way whole day. He suddenly told that during our shootings he got a call from his girlfriend: She was pregnant! "I´m will be a Father, drinks on me!!!" We were all thrilled and teary. Lot of sobbing while hugging and raising glasses.
Beautiful moment to share with awesome people.

Acting to your own age is a key to good living.

Just before our flight we had nice (hungover) brunch together in a bar called Cafe Pelican. Again, have to recommend this place and it´s dishes! And juices! And staff was again very nice, making brunch first to us who were leaving soon that we would have plenty of time to eat.

Place isn´t that big but luckily we managed to fit in.

It was sad to leave, but I´ll be going back next year, I´m sure. Flight to Helsinki was pretty nice, but on coast there was thunder clouds (!?) hanging or so it seemed. When we landed I realized -we were middle of thunderstorm, in late October! Next flight after us had to flight to Oslo.

Tired travelers.

Beautiful trip, even though I was so tired mentally afterwards. It was just a beginning of a exiting project and I´m thrilled to be part of it!

Wheeeee! Me in my characters outfit.

That´s all about that, for now.


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