maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Monday Madness week 35

Tadaa! We´re back with Monday madness -vacation time is over and casual weeks are here with casual, every day normal things. But this madness smooths the rhythm of boring early weeks a bit, eh? (with a TrueBlood -it´s always on at Monday.)


Today I return to city with my cats. It will be interesting to see how quickly I can get them to their traveling boxes. Animals always know these things, even you try to pack your bags in different room etc, be all sneeky. Hope this all go well and there´s no cat-drama!
Tomorrow I´ll be visiting Helsinki; meeting with Lore and other fun things. Thursday my friend from Stockholm will visit me and late at this week I´ll also be meeting my best friend of whole wild world again, as she comes to visit Finland from Germany. I have missed her so, so much! I´m so happy that tears are coming even when I think about this. It´s a bugger that she lives in another country, but after her 3y in New Zealand nothing really feels so far away, ha!

I think my week, first week of autumn, will be awesome! Or I really hope it is!


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