keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2011

Outfits from May.

This month really went fast! I had a blast: days out under the sun, Wicked musical at Helsinki, trip to East border of Finland for Viking Larp and my first trip to deeper in our near archipelago. I´ve lived here at south over ten years and never really have had a change to do that. Cottage in Iniö was beautiful and fishing fun! I´ll go there back soon!

Yellow flower and white dress are 2ndhand findings (for 60´s and 80´s), last dress is my own made from childrens Star Wars-shirt and Gina Tricot tunic. Eko-fashion, FTW!

Most fav outfit is of course my characters dress (Kings mother) from that Viking/Iron age live-action roleplay:

Whole outfit is handmade from pure linen and wool. Fox muff is vintage, yule gift from Lore. Jewels were made from semi-precious stones, amber, copper and glass pearls.


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  1. Ihania asuja! Etenkin ensimmäinen kukkamekko ja tuunattu Star Wars -hässäkkä miellyttävät silmää, of course ;)