torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Oola LUVs

I´m full of love at the moment.

- My new camera!

- Freckles!

I don´t have this much, but I still love those few I´ve got!

- This Bag! And Dinosaurs!

I have no idea where this is from or who made these, but I would love to have one!

Jurassic Park soundtrack is still my ultimate spring music. I listened it much while traveling around northen Italy and middle Europe over ten years ago.

- Butterflies! They are awesome and beautiful!

- Airy, comfy and pretty summerdresses!

I need more of them!

Even more to LUV:
I also love to sleep alone; Is too hot for cuddling. Music; City and Colour, Ladytron, Ultra Bra (ultimate summer music, always and forever!), Fletcher Henderson bigband music, Florence + The Machine, Terry Callier (oh, blues!), Unheilig... Sangria! Nightingale´s voice, different sallad experiences (homemade!), my epic hunt for good basic black leather ballerinas, hairdo´s, me speaking while sleeping (I have started to do it again, yelling things aloud so I woke up my own voice), weird and cute dreamworld (huh...), nice 2ndhand findings, Lore´s happines, Angel power! (and I really mean my best friends, not something newage..), my next tattoo´s design.
Yepyep, there is even more If I really try to think! Hmmm, this is almost like Gala Darling Things I love Thursday!

But now, again, outout to sit in a park! I have to enjoy about these warm days before it get chillier around weekend.


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  1. Ihania kuvia, etenkin tuo eka pisamakuva <3 Mulla ei tietenkään ole pisamia, vaikka niitä kuinka toivon.