keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

Sometimes I love my life.

My allergy is very bad at this moment. Even worse than it was couple days ago while visiting Sweden. But I don´t mind, I´m still very high with all that fun I had during my four days of escapism. It was about a place, people in there. It was about experience, friendships; old and new ones, long looks (good and wtf ones), flirting and smilies. It was dancing and let to be lead, laughing so long that my tummy hurts and staying up till morning. It was also about LARPing, talking about new ways to do games and telling very bad jokes. And sheep´s. Oh, those noisy animals!
Most of all it was time for myself.
Living in a moment.

I do love this picture! After two days of rain It was finally sunny. I was enjoying quality coffee in a sweet company and was totally relaxed!

Sometimes it was also too much weird unfamiliar alcohol drinks that my foreing friends made me (yeah, sure) to drink. It was ones about colorful cakes, dressing up and dancing like world would end anytime soon!

It was Knutpunkt 2010, Fiskeboda - Sweden.


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  1. Heii, siistiä, jotkut muutkin identtiset kaksoset pitää yhdessä blogia :D En olekaan ennen törmännyt.. Ja tekin ootte Turusta!